The Story About Tea Developed by Rene Caisse to Fight Cancer

Rene Caisse was a nurse in a hospital at Canada. In the year 1922, she noticed a scar tissue on the breast of an old English woman. After enquiring, the English woman told her that about a year back, the doctor had diagnosed her with breast cancer. The lady didn’t have enough money to go for surgery.

The English lady had been taking an herbal tea which was suggested to her by an Indian medicine man in 1890, who told her that with this tea she will be cured completely. The English woman regularly consumed this herbal tea and she survived for 30 years and she passed on the information about the ingredients of this herbal tea to Rene Caisse.

After a year, Rene Caisse was walking with a retired Doctor who pointed her to a common weed and told her that if people use this weed then there will be no cancer in this world. That weed was same as the herbal tea of Indian medicine man. That weed was sheep sorrel.

In 1924, Renee Caisse tried to test this herbal tea on her aunt who was suffering from stomach cancer and the doctor told her that she will only live for another 6 months. However, after regularly taking the herbal tea given by Rene Caisse, she lived for another 21 years. She again tried this tea on her 72-year-old mother, who was also diagnosed with inoperable cancer. After taking this herbal tea for few days she was fully recovered and lived till the age of 90 years.

In due course of time, Rene Caisse further refined this tea and tried to make the same formula that was with the Indian medicine. She used herbs like burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel and Turkey rhubarb and gave it the name of Essiac, which is her surname spelled in reverse fashion.

This Caisse’s tea was used by Rene Caisse for more than 50 years to treat hundreds of cancer patients. Her herbal tea was so effective in treating cancer that in 1938 about 55,000 signatures was collected to sign a petition to allow Rene Cassie to treat cancer patients in the Province of Ontario. However, the petition failed to pass due to shortage of merely 3 votes.

The Canadian authorities set up a Royal Cancer Commission to investigate all possible ways to find cure for cancer. However, Rene Caisse told the authorities that she has already discovered cure for cancer and treated many patients. Why should she give the formula of her herbal tea to few doctors who could never cure any cancer patient? However, the authorities threatened her to get arrested if she continues her cancer treatment.

Her treatment was far better than radiation, surgery and chemotherapy treatment that do more harm than any good to the patient. On the other hand, her herbal tea was non-toxic in nature.

The story about the struggle of Rene Caisse is mentioned in Dr. Gary Glum’s book called “Calling of an Angel: Essiac, nature’s cure for cancer.” According to Dr. Glum if someone takes Essiac on regular basis will never get cancer in his life.

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