Nine Signs that Will Help You Spot a Drug User

Addiction is a disorder in which a person is obsessed about drugs, alcohol etc. and continues to use it despite knowing its harmful effects. It is a behavior problem and not a disease. However, it can have destructive effects, so it’s important to assess it and get right treatment.

If you’re looking for help either for you or any of your friend or relative, it important to know that help is available at rehabs centers. The professional team at the rehab placement services will help you get the best treatment to beat your addiction.

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It is difficult to detect the signs of addiction. Also, each drug has its own symptom, but there are few common symptoms as follows:

Uncontrollable Cravings

No matter what drugs someone’s addicted to, he/she will gradually develop an intense craving for taking drugs.

Withdrawal syndrome

Addiction of drugs can affect a person, mentally and physically. Once they go without drugs, they will experience withdrawal symptoms and will take more drugs in order to get relief.

Indulgence in criminal activities

Prolong use of drugs can have other consequences too. The individual can get involved in doing wrong things. He can get associated with illegal activities and crime like stealing for supporting any of his drug habit, selling drugs, and involvement in unprotected sexual activities. He could even get arrested for these acts.

Revolving around drugs

Obsession of drugs can make an individual spend a lot of time in thinking about drugs. They will waste excessive energy and time in finding drugs of their choice.

Physical dependency

Physical dependency of drugs increases over time with the increases in drug usage. In the absence of drugs, the user may experience a number of physiological problems too.

Drug tolerance

With passage of time, an individual develops tolerance for drugs. They become more depressed if the desired result is not achieved. Ultimately, they will start consuming more and more drugs to satisfy them.

Financial problems

Struggling with addiction will overpower the feelings, which can lead to some severe consequences. One of them is financial trouble. Addictive substances like drugs are pretty much expensive. Obtaining drugs will be the first priority of an addict.

An addicted person may experience financial problems with the gradual increase in the intake of drugs. He may be seen spending half or more of his monthly income, bank deposits on drugs.

Abandoning responsibilities and socializing

Under the influence of drugs, a person can be seen neglecting responsibilities. He will avoid activities that were once he enjoyed like games and sports, socializing with others etc.

Other symptoms

  • Sudden change in body weight
  • Bloodshot eyes.
  • Small pupils
  • Depression
  • Aloofness
  • Aggression

If you’re noticing above symptoms and patterns in your friend or family member, it’s time to take a professional help. With the right treatment and proper support, you can overcome the addiction issue of your loved one.

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