Nikkens Gloves Are A Life Changer

Oh My Gosh, Nikkens gloves are a life changer

I’m not big on writing reviews but Nikken gloves are GREAT!

I live in Texas and generally speaking the weather is warm. I DON’T wear gloves but I’m an older saxophone player, so my hands take are used constantly and perhaps even abused a little in comparison to regular folks. Before getting these I would show up at the next gig or to my storage space with sore, stiff hands, and had to jump right into moving equipment around again. It would take a good hour or two before my hands would loosen up and not be stiff if I didn’t have to unload gear, and would take even longer than that if I did. Now, I wear these gloves when I get behind the wheel, and I wear them while driving to the next location. When I get to my destination & take them off, it’s like my hands “spring” back to life. The soreness only lasts a few minutes, and my hands are good as new after that. It’s like my hands get a power nap during some down time, and gripping a steering wheel doesn’t affect that “time off”. The fabric is nice and breathable, so if you’re like me and get hot easily, your hands won’t suffer. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I have no obligation or incentive to post a positive review; these are my personal and genuine thoughts on the product.

This is important!! These gloves don’t make my hands hot. They use some special far infrared fabric and talk about “soft heat” but these gloves are fingertip-less and breathable. Your hands won’t feel hot. They are great in warm weather as well as cold weather.


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