Common Sports Injuries

You work hard to be healthy.You eat right.You exercise to stay in shape.Yet, sometimes in spite of your best efforts, you may face an injury that results from your attempt at a healthy lifestyle.Many Americans face sports injuries that result from their normal workouts.Some of these injuries may even require that you seek medical care, such as care in orthopedics in Springfield, MA.

What Are the Most Common Sports Injuries?

Some of the most common sports injuries include sprained ankles, hamstring strains, groin pulls, tennis elbow, shin splints and knee injuries.While many of these conditions can be treated on your own at home, some will require that you seek professional medical care.For something like a torn ACL or meniscus in your knee, you may even want to consult surgeons in Springfield, MA.

How Can Sports-Related Injuries Be Prevented?

Of course, it’s preferable to prevent rather than have to treat a sports injury.While not all injuries can be prevented, many occur when individuals do not work out regularly during the week, then push too hard on the weekends.If you want to go hard on weekends, that’s great, but you should condition yourself with regular workouts during the week in order to be able to do so safely.

Before any activity, you should start with a gentle warm-up.This can help prevent common injuries.A warm-up encourages blood flow to your muscles, allows you greater flexibility and may help prevent injuries.

Many common sports injuries are the result of overuse and pushing too hard.This can happen when you are not paying attention to how tired your body is.When your body is ready for a rest but you keep pushing, you are actually creating the conditions that may lead to injuries.It’s better to stop after 18 holes of golf without an injury, rather than pushing through 36, hurting yourself and being unable to play for months.Stopping sooner rather than pushing too hard and having to look for a doctor in Springfield clinic orthopedic group is a better option.Pay attention to your body.It will tell you when it has had enough.

Can Sports Injuries Be Treated at Home?

You may be able to treat many sports-related injuries at home with simple over the counter pain killers, ice and rest.However, it never hurts to consult a professional.

If you have an injury that just is not improving, you should probably consult your primary care doctor.Your doctor may refer you to someone who specializes in orthopedics in Springfield, MA.

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