The Dangers of Abusing Ketamine

Ketamine is an aesthetic that is used in both animals and human beings. What most people don’t know is that they have been abusing this drug for a long period. Even though ketamine belongs to the class C category of drugs, it is wise to get direction before using it. Most of the people who have been abusing this drug are the ones who are involved in various drug scenes.

You need a clear understanding of what is ketamine and its effects before you begin using the drug. Like any other drugs, ketamine can be very dangerous if you use it in the wrong manner. It is also crucial to understand the dangers of becoming an addict of this drug. You don’t want to fall a victim in any way because of ignorance. Let us start by understanding the meaning of ketamine before we can move forward.

what is ketamine

  • About Ketamine

Ketamine is widely used by veterinarians as a tranquilizer or an anesthetic in animals. It is one of the products that are considered as hallucinogen.  This powder mainly comes in the form of a powder. However, you can also find the same drug in the form of a liquid.

In most cases, you will not use ketamine independently. Users normally combine it with other drugs such as tobacco, cocaine, heroin and marijuana to name a few. Most people on the streets refer to this drug as vitamin K or Special K. It is good to know some of these names so that you are not in the dark when people keep on using them.

  • The Effects of ketamine

If you choose to abuse this type of drug, you need to prepare for a long list of adverse effects that may come your way. The drug is addictive like any other substance in the market. It can lead to hallucinations among many other negative effects like amnesia, bad motor functions, delirium, mental problems, and many more.

In some cases, this drug can result into extreme respiratory problems that can even course death. Not even one person will want any of these effects to come their way. The other effect that may come your way is what we call the K-hole. It is an experience that closely resembles near death. The victim will closely appear as if he is leaving the body.

  • Getting Assistance with the Addiction of Ketamine

Ketamine addiction is one of the things that you should not mess around with. The truth of the matter is that this substance can lead to death in the end. If you are addicted to this drug, it is advisable to seek for immediate assistance.

There are so many institutions and programs that help victims to deal with this kind of addiction. It does not make sense to allow this addiction to continue to ruin your life yet you can get assistance. There are so many great programs and some of them are even free.  All you need to do is some research on where you can get help with ketamine addiction depending on your locality.

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