Cool Tips to Pick a Healthy Food Option from the Indian Menu

Indian food is one of the best foods in the world. The flavors and spices that you get in the Indian food is not found anywhere else. Every state in India has their own specialty of cooking same food and the flavors are the best. These days, everyone is a fitness freak so everyone wants a healthy pick from the menu. Even if Indian food is complete with spices but still you are going to find ample of the healthy options in the menu. This post will help you to check out some healthy options.

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Check Out the Healthy Options

  • Choose the gravies based on lentils. We all know that lentils are rich source of protein and fiber so you must try the lentil-based dishes. The dal tadka and dal makhni are the most popular ones. If you want to try something from north India then Chana Masala or butter paneer masala is the healthy option for you.
  • The Indian food has both grilled and fried appetizer so you are smart enough to pick the healthy option for you. The dish whose name starts with tandoori are grilled or smoked over a coal oven and is the healthy option for you. The pakodas are the fried cuisines while tandoori paneer tikka is the smoked cuisine.
  • Indian food includes lots of veggies that are always a healthy option. At a restaurant, you can easily find bhindi masala, bhindi fry or baingan masala. Other veggie options are mix vegetable, green leafy curry such as aloo methi or methi matar.
  • You should avoid creamy vegetables. These are very delicious but they are not a healthy option for you. Any cuisine that has malai in it should be avoided.
  • Curd or Yogurt are a vital part of the Indian food, Indian food is incomplete without Yogurt. You will find it in some drinks or with some cuisines it is used as an exotic sauce. Some of the Indian foods like Kebabs are incomplete without curd.
  • Indian breads complete Indian meal. Roti is the healthiest meal of all and you can combine it with any curry.

These are some healthy Indian food menu options for you that you can choose at an Indian restaurant.

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