All You Wanted to Know About Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss surgery that leads to weight loss in a person by limiting intake of food. This procedure is mostly performed laparoscopically. It is one of the best procedures designed mainly for high-risk patients or super obese.

With the success of sleeve gastrectomy in the treatment of obesity, this treatment became popular as the best procedure for weight reduction for weight loss in people with BMI more than 40.

Why this procedure is called Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve is one of the most reliable and suggested treatment to treat obese people with high chances of risk. The surgeon takes away nearly 75 percent region of the stomach.  This causes the stomach to take the shape of a sleeve that holds less food.

San Antonio weight lossis one of the most trusted clinics to perform a variety of obesity cure procedures. One of the successfully treated procedures by them is Gastric Sleeve. This procedure is performed by reputed and highly competed surgeons who understand the individual needs of patients to perform the most appropriate treatments for them.    

How effective is Gastric Sleeve surgery for obese patients?

You can get an idea of the impact of this procedure from statistics that show that patients who have undergone this treatment observed a 60 percent of excess weight loss. This led to improved results.

These results were achieved when patients adhere to the advised behavioral and dietary guidelines. Smart selection of food, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, good eating habits helped patients to reap maximum benefits from this surgery and able to maintain weight loss for a longer time.

How is gastric sleeve procedure beneficial over other available surgical procedures?

In case of sleeve gastrectomy, you will find that there is no implantation of any foreign body like an “adjustable gastric band”. Also, there is no complicated intestinal rearrangement that you would find in the gastric bypass. Also, a majority of patients benefit after a reasonable period of recovery.

They can easily resume their normal lifestyle and comfortably eat foods, such as fibrous and meats vegetables. Unlike the temporary procedures like gastric bypass and adjustable gastric band, results that you obtain from by undergoing sleeve gastrectomy is permanent and irreversible.

What is the science behind sleeve gastrectomy procedure?

By elimination of a little section of the stomach leads to lowering hormone levels in the body. This hormone is called as ghrelin, that is popularly called as the “hunger hormone.”

A vast majority of patients who get operated by this treatment observe hunger after getting this treatment.

Ghrelin hormone plays a vital role in metabolism of blood sugar so people who suffer from with type 2 diabetes mostly notice immediate reduction in their requirement for diabetes medications once they successfully complete the sleeve gastrectomy surgery.


As per the medical reports received, Gastric Sleeve has shown significant reduction of weight in obese people. It is one of the incredible surgeries that gives safe and sustained weight loss in conjunction with the right lifestyle and eating choices.

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