Massage Your Way to Beat the Aging Process

This ancient technique of massage has evolved beautifully in our present world. Massage was generally associated with luxury and indulgence. However, medical studies have proven that the massage has therapeutic effects on both body and mind.  Especially, it slows down the process of aging.

In the present times, sports medicine and therapy, has actively integrated massage in their routine, to give their athletes and players an extra flexibility in body and mind. You can visit professional spas in Sugarland, to get a first-hand knowledge of the positive effects. These therapists work wonders, with regards, body therapy in Sugarland.

Destress your stress

It is a well-known fact that, reducing and, if possible negating stress in your life and body, will slow the aging process. Massage causes physiological changes in the body by the release of beneficial hormones. Medical studies have proven that massage decreases blood pressure, respirations and heart beats. In effect, it calms down the roar inside your body.

It increases the secretion of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and endorphin hormones. These are, loosely classified as “happy hormones”. It decreases cortisol and insulin secretions. As far as the brain activity is tested, you can see decrease in beta brain wave and increase in delta brain wave activity. Delta brain wave activity is what induces peaceful sleep.

Digestive benefits

Your digestive system is what, helps your body to take in required nutrition and spill out the toxic waste. With age, secretion of digestive hormones reduces. Also, the motility, efficiency and strength of the system as a whole goes down.

Through massage, the Autonomic Nervous System, that control hormone secretion, is kept in top order. Also, massage keeps the muscles and nerves and blood vessels in the system, working efficiently.

 Cardiovascular benefits

Cardiovascular system is the way by which nutrients and oxygen reach various parts of the body in the correct amount and at the right time. With time, plaque deposition, inability of the vessels to dilate and contract when required and physical stress on the tissues, are noticed. Massage increases the overall vessel tissue health. It also helps in optimal hormone secretion to control your cholesterol.

Immunity benefits

Skin is your primary defence mechanism. With age, the army of sebaceous glands, Langerhans and macrophages cells decrease drastically, making your skin prone to infections. Massage helps in healing and reviving these damaged tissues. It increases lymphatic circulation, resulting in better blood circulation and optimal lymphocyte count.

The cytotoxic capacity is increased through massage. It is a medical fact that, increased insulin and cortisol, decreases immunity. Massage helps to maintaining both at optimal levels, while increasing the levels of serotonin and peptides to fight harmful bacteria.

Musculoskeletal benefits

Due to increased glucose levels, stiffness, decreased lubrication and lose of elasticity in tissues are seen. Free radicals cause wrinkles and joint pain. Massage decreases spasm, trigger points, adhesions and fibrosis.


Old age is threatened with muscle atrophy, decreased metabolism, increase in tumours and depression. Even if you opt for massage as a relaxation, it is still providing you with anti-aging benefits. Regular sessions of massage give you a balanced long life.

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