Usage of Pneumatic Tubes in Healthcare and Hospitals

Getting new and advanced technology in your hospital can help in giving excellent services to the patients and improving the system. One of the major advancements in this sector is the usage of pneumatic tubes. These tubes help in transferring lightweight and small particles in the laboratory. It saves time as well as helps in transferring of lab materials from one lab to the other in no time.

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Lean management

These pneumatic tubes make use of RFID technology to set up transceiver stations in the hospital for easy transfer of materials from point A to B. This helps in the automatic receiving and sending of materials without any manual interruption. It also ensures the safety of the items as they are placed inside it. They can be used within a set of several buildings for easy transportation of materials.

Propulsion devices

It has a centrifugal fan it inside it which makes sure that there are no vibrations to the material kept inside. It helps in absorbing the shocks which the item may receive and may get damaged because of that. It suppresses the noise as well as the vibration which is caused by the blower.

Transceiver stations

These are the stations which are set up inside a building which help in the easy and convenient transfer of tubes. These are automatic devices with doors which open and close automatically. Hence, there is no confusion while transferring and everything executes perfectly. It also helps in reducing manual labor and automatic technology makes the system much more convenient and faster.


These tubes have specialized wiring wrapped around the outside boundary of the PVC material. This cable makes it easy to identify if any error occurs in the system. This structure enables to protect the tube from any outside damage and also the material that is stored in the tube.


Liner steering is used in the making of these tubes which makes sure that the tube reaches the correct location where it is supposed to be. It ensures that when the tube is sent from one building to the other, the tube is shipped back to the correct address which is in the steering. This ensures that there is no confusion in the transfer and prevents any mix up in the transferring process.


Pipelines help in the proper and easy transmission of tubes. These pipes have a particular diameter which is made of PVC. Poly Vinyl Carbide ensures that the material kept inside the tube can flow smoothly with no resistance being offered to the item. Any branching connected to the pipe is made with the help of glue and is muffed to the main branch.


Hence, pneumatic tubes are new technology in the health care department. These have revolutionized the way hospitals work and materials are transferred from one place to another and have, therefore, proved their efficiency. 

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