Few Do’s and Don’ts Subsequent to Tooth Extraction

The tooth extraction usually refers to painless removal of your tooth/tooth roots with minimum amount of trauma on the surrounding tissues. The extraction socket wound must heal uneventfully and there should not be any post-operative complications.

When any surgery is done in Florence SC, the first thing that is needed is that it must heal properly, smoothly and quickly. Usually, most of the dentists have standard instruction after the surgery which is normally printed and are provided to the patient.

You need to follow all these instructions provided by the dentist in Florence SC. By following all these post-operative instructions, it will reduce the chance of infection and also of dry socket. In case you do not follow these aftercare instructions, then it may create complications that can further cause delayed healing.

Following are few do’s and don’ts that you must follow after the tooth extraction.


  • Take rest:

You must rest after your tooth extraction, though you may not feel any fatigue but avoid any exercise or remain too much active for minimum 24 hours. While resting, always keep your head slightly up position on your pillow.

  • Let it clot:

Let there be formation of clot on your tooth extraction site, that covers and allows healing. Your dentist will provide you a gauze for biting near your extraction site. Try biting it and keep properly in place for minimum an hour.

Avoid chewing on gauze piece. Make sure changing the gauze after every half hour, based on how much you are bleeding.

If the bleeding continues for quite some time then try putting any wet tea bag.

  • Ice packs:

Apply ice pack on your face side where surgery was done. This will reduce swelling. Apply ice pack every 15 minutes for 1-2 hours.


  • Don’t smoke:

For minimum 48 hours after your tooth extraction avoid smoking.

  • Don’t eat any solid foods immediately after:

During the time you have numbness, you must not eat any solids. Take only soft and liquid or semi solid diets like yogurts, soups, mashed potatoes, milkshakes, smoothies etc.

  • Prefer warm saline rinses:

The objective of rinsing is for cleaning the extraction area as brushing is not possible on the socket. Try mixing salt to make any solution isotonic to any natural tissue fluid which is less irritating as compared to water.

Rinsing is also advised for 12 hours after the extraction. By rinsing with warm saline water can help in maintaining and cleaning the hygiene of the area.

  • Take all medicines prescribed by the dentist:

Don’t skip any medicines which are mostly antibiotics or pain killers that is needed after tooth extraction. For reducing your pain and swelling they are necessary. Call the dentist if the pain still persists.

  • Avoid taking aspirin:

Never take aspirin rather prefer ibuprofen. Aspirin can delay to form clot and prevent healing.

  • Avoid any type of sucking:

Avoid eating hard vegetables, smoking, sipping after tooth extraction. Take only soft and liquid diets like yogurts, soups, mashed potatoes, smoothies or milkshakes etc. after your tooth extraction. Also, avoid spicy foods, hot drinks, sodas.

  • Don’t poke into your gap:

Though initially you will feel bit awkward but don’t poke in that area by using a toothpick or by tongue, which may delay healing or may lead to bleeding too.

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