Must-Have Items Following Shoulder Surgery

Even surgeries that are labelled as “minimally invasive” are a pretty big deal. If you’ve experienced a rotator cuff tear in Atlanta and have had to have surgery, you are likely looking at several weeks and even months of recovery time. During those days that you’re recovering, you’ll need a few items to help you manage your everyday activities.

Shower Chair and Detachable Shower Head

After shoulder surgery, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll take for granted being able to shower without accommodations ever again. Having a shower chair and a detachable shower head will make your daily bathing routine so much easier. You’ll reduce the risk of falling with a shower chair, which is important if you’re on pain medications that tire you out and make everything a little foggier. Detachable shower heads will help you keep your incision site dry while you shower and is easier to handle with one hand.


Having lots of comfortable pillows around the house will be helpful as well. You’ll want to prop up your arm whenever you’re sitting on the couch or lying in bed for extra comfort. This will also help you keep your shoulder elevated which your doctor may recommend.

Medicine Box

You may have a lot of medications you take, especially in the days immediately proceeding your surgery, so have a medicine box that you keep handy next to your bed or recliner where you’re resting. You may be groggy in the days following your surgery so having someone with you who is familiar with the medication regimen may also be helpful.

Waterproof Bandages or Athletic Tape

You’ll have to keep your incision covered for a period of time until your doctor clears you. Have large waterproof bandages or trash bags on hand so that you can wrap up your arm and shoulder when you bathe or shower so you don’t get it wet before it’s time.

It seems like such a trivial matter, but the clothes you wore pre-surgery may not be suitable post-surgery. Remember that anything that involves lifting your arm through a sleeve will be difficult and painful to navigate. Wherever possible, opt for tops that have buttons or zips. Trade your lace-up shoes for slip-on footwear so you don’t have to struggle to tie your shoes one-handed. Having surgery is a big deal, no matter how non-invasive it is, nor how standard it may seem. Find out all the reasons why the medical professionals at Ortho Atlanta are the team to trust when you have a rotator cuff tear in Atlanta.

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