Dealing with Orthopedic Issues of the Shoulder

Given the nature of the ball and socket joints in the human body, especially the shoulder, orthopedic advice in Atlanta is the first thing to consider if pain or movement is becoming a challenge. Find out more about addressing these issues in this blog.

Shoulder Issues

Given the complexity of the shoulder, with the joint providing a wide range movement that’s enabled by muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, when issues occur there can be several options for treatment. Something like bursitis may be treated simply with rest, immobilizing the arm, applying ice packs, taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, or getting a cortisone shot. Similarly with tendonitis, an inflamed tendon may respond to similar treatment. The point is, many issues regarding shoulder pain or restricted movement, if treated early or if they’re not traumatic in nature, aren’t candidates for surgery. That decision is best made with the medical advice of a physician.

More Severe Shoulder Issues

When something more than simple inflammation is affecting the shoulder, there are again several levels of options for dealing with the problem. Minimally invasive surgery, like arthroscopy, results in small incisions and uses a tiny camera to pinpoint the area in need of repair. Open surgery, where a large incision is used to gain access an affected area, may be necessary. In rotator cuff tears, for example, 4 in 5 patients respond to non-surgical treatment, but for those who do not, surgery is likely needed. And if the joint is severely traumatized by injury or by advanced disease like arthritis, it may require shoulder replacement. Atlanta, fortunately, has several physicians able to perform these complex procedures.

Moving Forward

No one enjoys the thought of “going under the knife.” In the current state of medical practice, however, having an operation to repair a shoulder is routine for many physicians, and replacing a full joint is a regular activity of an orthopedic practice. The other fact is that talking to many patients that have received some of these treatments, including surgery, will elicit stories of how they were relieved of so much pain and suffering.

We are all getting older, and age, and the accompanying consequences of a long life, is one of the leading causes of joint issues and pain. Line up a good shoulder orthopedic Atlanta-based practice for your needs, both now and in the future, so those moments of pain are few and far between.

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