Cannabis Beginner’s Guide to Choose the Right Bong

Cannabis beginners about to buy a new bong or you are planning to replace an old one or just adding another one to you smoking supplied collection then you desire to choose the right item. Everyone wants their money work and an item, which blends with their lifestyle.

Before choosing the right bong first, determine some things like will you use the bong once or daily? Is it for personal use or enjoying with friends or will you take it on road trips or how often will you clean it or are technicalities crucial to you?

Also consider your lung capacity because a too tall one or with multiple perks will not satisfy you. If you cannot clear the chamber in a single hit then your second hit can taste stale, so consider the mouthpiece and chamber measurements. Answer to these questions will help to make a precise decision for choosing your first or tenth bong.

Varieties of bongs

Ceramic bongs

Ceramic material is heavy, so ceramic bongs are smaller. Chongo Bong provide pure tasting hit and these ceramic pieces are excellent work of art. You can choose shapes ranging from simple to funky.

Ceramic bongs with simple designs are very easy to clean but shapes like gnomes or crescent moon are hard but great for display and decoration. However, ceramic bongs are less costly and more durable then glass.

Glass bongs

When you plan to choose a glass bong, you will need to consider its attachments like ash catchers, party bowl pieces, upgraded down-stems, etc.  Glass bongs are available in varieties but if you desire to see water clearly within then this one is for you.

For a refreshing hit find bong with ice catcher. For easy clean, avoid additional splash guards and perks. You can even go for colorful glass blowers with cool combinations.

Plastic bongs

Plastic bongs are designed from high quality acrylic. They are translucent, so users can keep check of water quality. Unfortunately, as the material is plastic the chance to dilute good weed taste increases. However, these are good investment for a road or camping trip.

Bamboo bongs

Bamboo bongs are not heavy but durable like its plastic counterpart. They look very ornamental because of their natural appearance and offers a chance to carve it artistically. You can buy them with glass or metal bowl piece.

Are bigger bongs better?

The chances of breaking are more and they need more space. Moreover, if your aim is to enjoy them with friends then it can get broken in several ways. As you may like this big piece to show then keeping it on living room table increases the risk of getting knocked over. Bigger bongs are better for those, who ensure to have safe place for positioning them without any concern of getting kicked or knocked.

Now, you are familiar with the buying options but even consider your budget. Identify what attributes are crucial to you and choose one within your budget. You also need to plan from where you will purchase the bong. Will it be the local smoke shop or is there a hemp-fest coming next week? Take care of these aspects and then decide will you or your friend load the first bowl!

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