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Drug addiction is a self-inflicted disease that damages the body and brain, beyond repair. Commonly known as substance abuse, drug addiction can alter the personality and the behavior of the person. As a result, he/she develops impaired judgement skills and gives in to drugs abuse.

Over view of drug addiction

Addictive substances like nicotine, weed and alcohol have much lower effect on the body as compared to heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. Once a person gets addicted to drugs, compulsion to live on it gets triggered from the brain, regardless of the fact that the person is destroying himself. Drug abuse does not start instantly, it develops slowly, over a period of time. In fact, a simple one time can trigger certain chemicals within the body, where the person becomes helpless and keep abusing it. Eventually, it becomes a necessity and lifestyle. A person can even go bankrupt.

How fast a person becomes dependent, and the damages of this addiction varies from person to person. As per the recent reports drugs affect different people differently based on physical and psychological system of the individual. However, 90 percent of the human population who got into drugs have reported that they had to seek professional help, rehabilitation centers and psychological counselling.


Since the United States has highest number of drug abusers among youth, there are numerous certified rehabilitation centers to help out the affected ones. In case, you need medical help, you can approach drug rehab center in Minnesota. All are well equipped with the best and advanced methods. There are several kinds of drugs, from smoked to injectable, it affects the brain in diverse ways.

Since a drug abuser tends to try all sorts of drugs, it can alter several bodily features and behavior. Over time, most users might also develop having it at every given interval. Moreover, as time passes by along with health it also weakens the immune system. There are innumerable causes of drug addiction, most reported ones are listed below.

Causes of Drug Addiction


Genetic makeup and the gene pool distribution is different and hugely varied among humans. The brain and body are connected in a different way. DNA and protein synthesis within the body differs. These varied traits in human speeds up or slow down the addiction process.


Environmental factors like access to drugs, habitant area, peer group all these things encourage drug intake and abusing them. Also, families and values play a very important role in a person’s life. If a member in the family becomes a drug addict, it escalates. Undoubtedly, you will find few people in an affected area who are drug free. Hence, while a child is growing up awareness and education about the harmful drugs are necessary.

Neuro transmitters and drug addiction Again, the neural system varies from person to person. Chemical composition of any drug alters the communication and the usual chemical bonding of the neuron cells. Hence, you will have a feel-good sensation running through you with elevated mood. Also, individuals hallucinate when they get high.

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