Braces or Invisalign – Which Kind of Orthodontic Treatment Is Worth Considering?

Orthodontics has swiftly evolved from crude wire cages to metal free alternative. Both are popular and display unique advantages, which needs to be considered. Therefore, let’s get familiar with the pros and cons of braces and Invisalign.

Treatment duration

Actual treatment duration depends on individualized aspects like needed dental corrections severity and type. Clear aligners are generally worn for 6 to 12 months. These are removable and can be removed for approximately 4 hours daily. Metal braces are not removable, so it remains in your mouth for 24/7. Discuss the expected timeframe with your dentist regarding both options to make a decision.

Remember – Outcomes can be same from both treatment option but duration differ significantly.

Maintenance needs

In invisalign vs braces, the only similarity is the need for regular maintenance.However, the difference lies in the ease level. Clear aligners are easy and quick to maintain. Just wash its tray daily, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria. Warm water and mouthwash, does the trick. Alternatively, traditional metal braces need you to brush teeth normally. However, pay more attention to wires. It is necessary to ensure that there is no debris from food remaining stuck within the brackets. Thorough cleanliness is necessary to avoid serious complications.

Remember – Maintenance seems easy but metal braces need extra attention to avoid food getting stuck in brackets and wires.

Adjustment needs

Regular adjustment of dental device is crucial for the success of orthodontic treatment. Wire & metal braces need adjustment each month, while Invisalign needs to be swapped in a couple of weeks.

Remember – In both the appointment frequency has to be kept in mind.

Overall advantages

Invisalign are translucent braces, which makes them invisible when worn. Clear aligners remove the professional, personal and social awkwardness of wearing traditional orthodontics. They are less painful because there are no wires, which can possibly cut your lips interiors. It is removable, so the risk of food getting caught in wires does not exist. Its discreetness makes clear aligners superior alternative.

New patients may find traditional metal aligners more complex but they work round the clock for specific orthodontic treatments like fixing crooked or overcrowded teeth. As this option is permanent, there is no concern about losing them accidentally.

Remember – Both options are advantageous in their own way. One is discreet while the possibility of the other getting damaged or lost is negligible.

Drawbacks of both treatments

The most notable drawback of metal device is its real construction. Limitations of teeth and wires may become painful following an adjustment. Certain foods will need to be avoid due to the design and structure of metal braces.

As Invisalign are temporary, the temptation to remove them increases, which can erase the progress already achieved. As these are removable, they can get misplaced or dropped on the floor.

Remember – Both kind of orthodontic treatment have their advantages and minor drawbacks.


While clear aligners offer more flexibility and low-profile experience, metal braces give more room for dentists to include extra aids when young patients need orofacial growth modification. The decision will depend on your goals and dentist.

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