Mistakes to Avoid During Home Gym Installation

If you are creating a gym at your own home to keep yourself fit then avoid these five common mistakes while setting up your gym, which you are going to use regularly.

1. Buying equipment without measuring the space or proper planning a layout

After you have identified the room where you are going to place the gym equipment, you must carefully measure the area and diagram it. It should also include doorways. Make a tentative plan of laying out the equipment within that space, by noting the ranges of motions that will be needed in all directions.

2. Buying any machine with multi exercise options

You must have seen many advertisements of best home gym equipmentwhere it has been claimed that you can do every kind of exercise that can work on every muscle of your body. The basic realty is, most of such claims are not practically feasible. Besides they can be too expensive, big, bulky and by attaching too many arms, benches, extensions etc. The manufacturer must have compromised various motions of each exercise and thus made it ineffective.

3. Buying either any cheapest or too expensive equipment available in market

Any gym equipment, particularly cardio machines, cable machines, or Pilates reformers will cost you in very high price. Do not prefer to go for any cheaper model available. A cheaper model will be made of poor components, that can break easily and will rarely deliver all those claims. As regards to expensive equipment, few foreign brands will hardly be worth its price.  You may end up paying very high price for its high-end platinum look however it may break frequently. Repair charges can also be mind-boggling as they are foreign made stuff. So, always do thorough research before selecting any equipment.

4. Forgetting your floor.

Gym flooring is also very important. Think of a floor that are much easier to clean. Prefer to choose either carpet or rubberized mat floor. Rubber is easy to clean by using mop and also it will protect the floor under the equipment. While tile too may be easier to clean, however if you drop any weight even by mistake then your tile can break. Therefore, while buying any large exercise equipment also buy a rubber mat of appropriately size for its underneath, so that you get an additional benefit of reducing bounce. Your neighbors staying below will also thank you.

5. Not considering all necessary “accessories.”

You must have spent lots of your money on any costly equipment so you omitted the accessories. However later you will realize that without that you cannot utilize the equipment effectively. So, you must also order the additional items which is necessary for the exercise equipment to offer its proper utilization.

Therefore, it is necessary that while buying your exercise equipment, you need to do thorough research about the equipment and visit at least the gym where it is installed to see it in actual use. You must also get sufficient feedback about the working and effectiveness about the equipment.

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