3 Common Uses for Medical Cannabis in Chicago, Illinois

Not all states allow the sale of medical cannabis. However, medical cannabis in Chicago is available for purchase. There are dispensaries all over the city and throughout Illinois that sell regulated marijuana for medical usages. You may be wondering, what is medical cannabis actually used for? Here are three examples of the conditions that medical marijuana is used to relieve.

Severe Pain

Severe pain comes along with a lot of conditions and diseases. Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes chronic pain. The pain can be so severe, it causes sufferers can barely even get out of bed. Pain is also commonly associated with diseases including cancer, AIDs, and multiple sclerosis. Medical cannabis is Chicago can also be used to fight mild to severe, ongoing, nerve pain. Medical marijuana can be successfully used to relieve this pain significantly. This improvement can help individuals with pain, live better lives with a lot less body pain.


The most common cause of nausea, alleviated by cannabis, comes from chemotherapy. So many cancer patients receive chemotherapy to fight and cure cancer. However, one of the side effects of chemotherapy is nausea. Chemotherapy can go on for months, wreaking havoc on the entire body. This side effect can be constant and take a major toll on any individual. Since nausea often prevents patients from eating, when nausea subsides after using medical marijuana, patients can eat meals and combat weight loss.

Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t only a side effect of a disease like cancer. In fact, weight loss can happen to patients fighting HIV or dealing with ongoing, severe nerve pain. In these situations, it’s common for eating to stop or be significantly reduced. Even though weight loss can be slow, it eventually can become life-threatening. Medical cannabis increases the appetite, so food is actually desired by the patient. Having a healthy weight can assist these patients in beating whatever type of disease they are fighting.

If you or someone you know suffers from one of these medical situations, medical cannabis in Chicago might be able to help. This substance can be utilized to combat all types of pain, nausea, and weight loss in addition to many other medical conditions. As an alternative to an opioid taken as a pill, some patients are choosing medical cannabis. Now available in certified and monitored dispensaries throughout the state of Illinois, medical marijuana can be purchased safely and conveniently.

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