What Is Damaging Your Hair and How to Fix It

There is a long list of daily, and monthly activities that can damage your hair. While some things just cause minor damage, some of our everyday habits can really damage our hair right away and in the long term. From split ends to hair that simply falls out unexpectedly, no one wants to have any sort of damaged hair. There are products on the market that can help reverse the impacts of this damage. The best conditioner for damaged hair can combat the problems caused by normal actions like coloring and styling.


Each and every time you dye, highlight or lowlight your hair, it can do damage. The chemicals in the coloring products can strip the hair of the natural oils that make it strong and healthy. The more often you color your hair combined with the type of dye can affect the extent of the damage. While coloring your hair can certainly damage it, there are ways to combat that damage. A natural conditioner can help repair the strands and enhance the overall health of your hair.

Heated Styling Tools

Straightening irons, blow dryers, and curling irons can also be damaging to your hair. These tools can burn hair cells, causing them to weaken or break off. Consistent use of a blow dryer on the hot air setting, flat iron or curling tool can damage hair bit by bit for a long amount of time. In a matter of months, you may be able to visibly notice how your hair is being impacted by the daily amounts of heat.

Braids, Updos, and Ponytails

Any type of restrictive hairstyle can have a negative impact on your hair. Rubber bands and bobby pins twist and pull strands of hair, causing weakening and breakage. Updos put hair into unnatural positions for extended amounts of time. A lot of updos also utilize heated styling tools, adding to the potential damage.

Sometimes hair damage is inevitable. It is just part of our lives to dye our hair, dry it with hot blow dryer air, use a flat iron to tame it, or put hair up in a ponytail. Luckily, using the best conditioner for damaged hair can help defend against minor and major damage. At the very least, using the right conditioner can balance out the effects of damage with reparative nutrients. You don’t deserve anything less than healthy, voluminous, shiny hair.

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