A Useful Guide to Park Guell Barcelona

The open heartedness of Barcelona attracts millions of tourists each and every year. Park Guell is a very popular tourist spot and also the most important must to watch locations in Barcelona. It is not just the park created by Gaudi, but it also provides magical views of the Barcelona city! Wherever you look, you will find an incredibly photogenic landscape. This makes it a nice surprise for the travel album. Here is a list of things that you can do to be prepared in advance before visiting the Park:

Carry out an extensive research

This park is Gaudi’s creation. It has got a lot of references and secrets. There is no single thing that does not have any meaning. Learning about those facts can transform a normal visit into a magical one. You can book a tour and get a personal guide who will show and explain you everything to understand Gaudi’s work in all sizes.

Book ahead

If you visit this park at the time of the summer season, then there are chances that it will be overcrowded. When going with or without a guide, you will have to buy your tickets in advance. Online booking of ticket is one of the best ways to accomplish it. This is the best tip for all visitors who are visiting this tourist place all around the globe.

It will also help you in saving from standing in long queues and wasting your time and energy. The best way is to book tickets in advance and reach the park quickly. This will help you make the most of your time in Barcelona. 

Identify the right ways to reach there

The park has got three 3 different entrances, and routes from the city center. You must ask your landlord, concierge, or the rental firm to figure out the best ways to reach the park from your staying place. It is recommended to go by bus no. 92 from “Passeig de Gracia”or a taxi.

Keep yourself hydrated at all times

Your journey can get very tiring if you don’t hydrate yourself adequately. You must bring some water along with you on your trip. If you wish to spend some more time in the park, then you can even bring a sandwich also along with you. There is a cafe located in the park, that is overly priced and provide very selected items.http://www.tripindicator.com/park-guell-barcelona-map-tickets-tours.html is the most trusted website that provides genuine information about the various tours available in Park Guell Barcelona.

Wait to see mesmerizing sunset view

The best method to experience Park Guell is to live it. Walk along the natural routes, travel the rock walls in the shape of wave, explore beautiful gardens and figure out the different species of trees that you were not able to see in the hometown. It is a huge park that has mainly three different entrances.

Spend time enjoying the sounds of birds, breathing fresh air, watching water pools, and experiencing the amazing nature. In summer season, the sun usually set by 9.30pm, so be prepared that you have to stay for a longer time to be able to watch the sunset. This wait will be worthwhile as the golden light that you get to view through the Barcelona skyline will make your vacation more memorable.

Conclusion People come to this park in huge numbers with their family, friends or spouse. The visit to Park Guell is not going to be the easiest thing. To make it a safe experience for visitors, all these tips must be followed to make the most out of their Parc Güell tour experience.

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